Our Products

Consistent and uniform product quality is achieved by the use of highest quality natural raw materials – seawater and limestone – in a sophisticated reaction, calcination and sintering process. This, combined with a comprehensive quality management system that is accredited to IS EN ISO 9001, has given the company and its products a very strong reputation for high performance and customer service.

DBM Products

The company’s Dead Burned Magnesia products are used in the manufacture of refractory linings for the steel, cement, glass and non-ferrous metal industries. In the steel industry, Premier Periclase products are used in the most severe wear areas of steel converters and ladles. Premier Periclase Dead Burned Magnesia products are exported throughout Europe, India, North America and elsewhere.

CCM Products

The company’s Calcined Magnesia Products are used in animal feed and nutrition, hydrometallurgical, chemical and environmental applications. These products are exported to Europe, Africa and South-East Asia.

Magnesium Hydroxide

ECOMAG Magnesium Hydroxide suspension is used in neutralisation of low pH / acidic wastewater streams. The main markets for this product are Ireland and United Kingdom. The product is a cost-effective alternative to Sodium Hydroxide in this application.

Other Products

In addition to our main products listed above, the company also sells a range of by-products from its Lime and Magnesia process streams. These are used in soil stabilisation and fertiliser applications. This product range is sold in Ireland and elsewhere.

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