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Anthony McEneaney

Technical Sales Manager 

Office Number: 00353 41 98 70752
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In-House Laboratory

Premier Periclase Ltd offers on-site, comprehensive laboratory testing and screening of all products to ensure the highest standard in quality and quantity.
The company on-site Laboratory services offer major benefits for customers.


  • Continuously Testing quality during production to ensure product specs and standards.
  • Customer Engagement is improved as detailed analysis on products / samples is shared.
  • Versatility and Customization is provided for trial on new product ranges to meet customers’ changing requirements


Premier Periclase is registered to the International Quality Standard IS EN ISO 9001:2015. Compliance to the ISO standard demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements. The Company aims to enhance customer satisfaction through Continuous Improvement Processes incorporating effective application of international best practice systems.

PPL’s Quality Management System is audited annually by the National Standards Authority of Ireland to ensure compliance and has been consistently re-certified every three years.



  1. Improves quality of products by ensuring that internal processes are defined and controlled in order to provide consistent, reliable and fit for purpose solutions to customers.
  2. Ensures customer satisfaction by consistently monitoring quality and ensuring any issues are identified and resolved quickly.
  3. Creates a better customer experience.

QS Scheme – animal feed market

Premier Periclase Ltd. is QS certificated.  The company’s production process is audited and independently certified regularly to ensures the products for animal feed industry are quality assured, traceable and safe.  PPL is proud to be part of the QS Quality scheme for food which covers all stages of the food chain.

Department of Agriculture Cert – animal feed
Premier Periclase Ltd. is licenced by the Department of Agriculture as an approved producer and supplier of raw materials to the animal feed and nutrition industry. The company’s production process is audited and independently certified to ensure its products for the animal feed and nutrition industry are quality assured, traceable and safe.

At Premier Periclase, we strive to achieve a corporate culture of trust and openness.